Saturday, July 12, 2014


Because we come unannounced, private investigators sometimes catch people at an awkward moment. Oddly enough, I don't think I have ever interviewed someone who came to the door wearing curlers in their hair, except as some kind of fashion statement in the 'hood. I did have a witness come to the door wearing a full face of nozema, which did startle me at first glance. Oddly enough, she didn't take the mask off the entire interview either. In fact, I don't even know if she realized she had a mask on.

The topper has to be a certain 82 year old juror, hereinafter referred to as juror #5. I interviewed juror #5 one sweltering hot day in the valley. As I strode up to his front door, my eyes were greeted by juror #5's rear end, which was held high up in the air as he leaned over to turn off his sprinklers. Juror #5 was wearing nothing but very small, very tight speedos. I thought for sure he would put on more clothes once we went inside his house. But he had no air conditioning and it must have been 110 degrees that day. When his wife walked into the room, I thought she'd insist he cover up. But no such luck. I got to see every wrinkle on juror #5's body the entire interview. As it turned out, Juror #5 couldn't remember much about the trial I came to interview him about, likely due to juror #5 having sat on nearly 20 juries since retirement. I sure hope he wore actual clothing all those days he spent sitting in the jury box.

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