Thursday, April 05, 2007

Fighting for the Condemned

Sometimes the skills we have honed as criminal defense investigators can serve us well in the everyday world.  I recently found out that the beautiful tree pictured above was slated to be removed from in front of an unoccupied house in our historic neighborhood.  What was odd is that the tree did not look unhealthy.  So, I researched further to find out what the owners and the City were saying was wrong with the tree.  After that, I made a few calls to California tree experts who were only too happy to share with me their knowledge and told me what should be done before sending this architectural gem to the gas chamber.

Well last night, I showed up for the public hearing about removing the tree.  I ended up being the only person, besides the owner, to speak on the matter.  Silly me not to realize it was already a done deal before the meeting.  When all was said in done, the result was still the same: the tree will be removed. When it happens, I believe it will be a grave injustice.  But what's new.  

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